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Gender Fluid

Gender Fluid Candle - He/him 4 Oz - Pineapple Sage

Gender Fluid Candle - He/him 4 Oz - Pineapple Sage

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Looking for a gender-affirming gift for a Cis, Transman or Masc-Presenting friend? Handmade with love, this inclusive candle collection is made from the finest soy wax with clean fragrances enhanced with essential oils. The metal tins make them perfect for those on the go and they're easy to clean and repurpose for other decorative projects in your home.

HE/HIM Pineapple Sage Fragrance: This captivating scent combines the sweet vibrancy of pineapple, the verdant essence of green leaves, anise's gentle spice, and the soothing harmony of palm, sage, and sugar.
This clean burning 4 oz. The candle is hand-poured using only the best soy wax, finest fragrance, and cotton wicks, and has a burn time of 15 to 20 hours.
Made in USA

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